An Adventure on the Other Side of the World

I should probably fill you in on a little something . . .

By the time you read these words, I’ll be flying through the air.

For a solid six months, I’ve been cracking myself up because apparently I enjoy secret-keeping just a little too much. No lie, every few days I would remember this little adventure and start smiling like a fool from the anticipation of it all.

airplane window

Five weeks ago I wrote one little sentence about buying a plane ticket and ever since, I’ve been fielding two questions: when and where.

The when? Um, now.

The where?


Apparently May 16th is a fun, crazy day in my life. {Also, dang I love this One Line A Day journal. Amen.}

Remember when I was certain of my word for 2016 but uncertain as to what it would hold? It makes so much more sense now.

I’m waving goodbye to reliable wifi and choosing to adventure without the pressure to write, and so the blog will be quiet for a little while. But when possible I’ll be over-sharing all. the. pictures. on Instagram. {Feel free to follow along by following my Insta account, if you’d like.}

See you in a few weeks, lovely ones.

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