A (Totally Free) Conference for Writers

I’ve been not-so-patiently waiting to tell you about this! I’m honored to be among the fantastic line-up of speakers for the free (seriously… it’s totally free) FlourishWriters Conference.

I know. It sounds too good to be true, but there’s no catch. It really is free.

Although I’ve enjoyed the writing conferences that I’ve attended in the past, the cost is often very steep and it’s hard to carve out travel time in my schedule. So the idea of a writing conference coming to me? Yes. Please.

Each of the 20-30 minute interviews are pre-recorded, and you can watch at your own pace. There are 25 sessions from authors, editors, coaches, literary agents, designers, and marketers. I’m honored to be included in the fantastic line-up, and I loved talking about social media, marketing your book, and learning to believe that your story truly does matter.

free conference for writers

After registering, you’ll see that the videos are broken up into 4 sections:

Dream –> Do you dream of writing a book, ebook, or bible study? Learn how to turn that dream into a reality. (One of the sessions is on book proposals and brainstorming your book idea.)

Write –> How to craft your story into a powerful offering. (All the praise hands for the “Writing in the Midst of the Mess” session.)

Publish –> Strategically think through the possibilities and decide how to share your story with the world. (The session covering the pros and cons of traditional and self-publishing is one I wish I had before I released my book.)

Market –> Gather passionate people, cultivate conversation, and build community through your writing. (A few session topics: social media, what a marketing mindset looks like, and secrets to a successful book launch.)

free conference for writers

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve written tens of thousands of words, you’ll be empowered, equipped, and encouraged through this conference.

And just to be clear, no one is asking me to say that.

But when I think back to when I first started writing, and then the months leading up to my book release, I would have paid a lot to attend a conference with this line-up covering these topics.

Plus, I receive multiple emails every single week with writing, publishing, or marketing questions.

That’s why I’m thrilled to be part, and more than happy to share it with you here!

P.S. Many of the speakers have created a resource just for conference attendees — and just like the conference itself, the resources are completely free. However, the only way to gain access to the resources is by registering for the conference.

Here’s a sneak of the resource I’ve created to go along with my session:

free prints for FlourishWriters Conference

If you know someone who might enjoy or benefit from this conference, send them the link to this blog post or share it on social media with your writer-friends! Free conferences for writers are few and far between (with a ticket and travel, most conferences cost between $500-$1500) so I’d love if you spread the word.

After registering, you’ll immediately receive an email with information on how to watch the videos. You’ll also be offered the All-Access Pass for the conference. If you choose to purchase the pass, you’ll have lifetime access to all of the videos.

All videos are available to watch as many times as you’d like (for free) until March 5th, but after that they’ll disappear for everyone except those who purchase the pass.

The registration links in this post are affiliate links. This means that if you choose to purchase the pass, I will receive a small portion of the sale. However, all sessions and the resources from the speakers are available at no cost now through March 5th.

To register, click here or on either image below!

free conference for writers

free conference for writers


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