I love to edit pictures, don’t you know? Not that I’ve said that in a post before.

This is a picture of the lake and dock at the camp I went to this summer:

Pretty, huh? I think so. I really love that camp. I’ve gone there with my church (for a week) for the past few years. I’ve learned a lot at that camp. I had some very high highs there, and I’ve had some really low lows there also. This time this past summer, especially, was full of both. I’ve had a very very rough summer. But looking at the picture of the lake and dock makes me smile.

And smiling helps, don’t you think?

Don’t you think I should probably not say ‘don’t you think?’ so many times in one post?

Yeah, probably.


But this is me. This is who I am now and I guess you’ll just have to take it or leave it. Man I don’t like that saying. But that’s sorta where I’m at..or where I’m trying to get to. Content with me and who I am, despite other people rejecting me for who I am. That’s where I’m trying to get to…among other places. :)

But it sounds like a good place to be…don’t you think?