So, the song for this week is Break Through. I first heard it at church and, sadly, we haven’t sung* it lately.

*Is that a word?

It’s a powerful song when you sing it and truly mean it. Here are the lyrics for you:

Break Through by Don Moen
Break through
Break through all my doubts
Break through
Break through all my fears
Break through
That I may worship You

Break through
Break through all my pain
Break through all my guilt and my shame
Break through like only You can do

You are brighter than my darkest night
Stronger than my toughest fight
Just one touch from You my King my Friend
And I’ll never be the same again

O break through all my pain
Break through all my guilt and my shame
Break through like only You can do
O break through like only You can do
O break through like only You can do

I’ll be the first to admit that I have many doubts and fears. For instance, I can be afraid of the dark. Not exactly of the dark, but what could be hiding in the dark, you know? Especially when I start to hear strange noises at night.

But that’s not a big fear compared to some other things. Some may be fearful that their family or spouse will suddenly die. Some may fear terrorism while some may, quite literally, and with good reason, fear for their life. All over the world people are held captive and have very good reason to be afraid or doubtful. When my fear of what’s in the dark is compared to that, it’s nothing at all. But I believe God can, and will, break through any and every fear. If we allow Him to. Yes, of course, He can do whatever He wants without needing our “permission.” But would He break through a wall of fear that I have if I don’t ask Him to or want Him to?

Something to think about.

Maybe sometimes we just have to ask and believe.

I love that it says, “Break through that I may worship You.” Interesting, isn’t it? Perhaps our fears and doubts, guilt and shame, keep us from worshiping Him. I know it has for me before. I feel so unworthy after what I’ve done that I just don’t feel ‘good enough’ to worship Him. But the other way of ‘interpreting the lyrics’ would be to think of it as this: When God breaks through something that seems like the most impossible wall to go through, the highest tower to scale, and the widest, most encompassing thing we’ve ever been surrounded by, how can we be freed from it and not give Him the praise???

If we could break through our own walls with our own strength, we would. But we can’t. It’s only with His power and strength that we can truly do anything worthwhile that will make any kind of an impact for His Kingdom.

I also love this next part. It’s so beautiful, yet powerful as well. “Break through all my pain. Break through all my guilt and my shame. Break through like only You can do.”

Yes, I face a lot of pain sometimes. I’m not the only one. And, yes, there have been many times in my life where it has felt as if guilt and shame would just utterly consume me. But He broke through that and I’m still here, still praising Him. ONLY HE could do that. I could not. I tried, and I failed. Not to rub you the wrong way, but there are likely to be things you try to do that you just simply cannot accomplish without His help. He’s God after all. :) Only He is God. Not us. I need a reminder of that sometimes.

Okay, more like most times.

This next part is my very favorite part in the whole song! Love it!

“You are brighter than my darkest night. Stronger than my toughest fight. Just one touch from You my King my Friend. And I’ll never be the same again.” Ah, so good and so true. My night is dark. It’s, most certainly, been the darkest night of my life since May. But He has remained brighter than my dark night through every single thing. I have faced more fights than I can even remember. I’m still in the middle of one that I can’t see the end to. But He is stronger than the fight. One touch from Him is enough to get me through. It leaves me wanting more. Always. How can it not?

I’ve heard multiple times that you are: “Either just coming out of a storm, in a storm, or just heading into a storm.” And, as far as I can tell, that’s true. Storms are just part of life, unfortunately. But they’re wasted times of life if we learn nothing from them.