Have you ever heard of Compassion? It’s an organization that changes the lives of children around the world. Literally.

Hungry children are fed. Lonely children have a safe place to go where they will be loved. Lost children are told the Gospel.

And you can play a part.

I do. And I have never regretted it. Not once.

It sounds too far out there. It sounds like we can’t really make an impact. In fact, it’s hard to believe that an organization helping kids is actually helping kids.

But Compassion does.

They help.

Every day of every month.

Please, go read the stories. Please, give the $38 a month and change a child’s life. Please, email me and ask how it’s changed ME.

Because I sponsor a little girl. Her name is Pushpa.

And I can’t begin to tell you how happy I get when I receive letters from her in the mail telling me that SHE is praying for ME.

A little child in India, a little girl that lives in a mud hut, is praying for ME. She loves ME.

Hello. Wow.


On a little bit of a different note, a bunch of bloggers are in Kenya right now. They are meeting a bunch of these little children, and then blogging about Compassion to get the word out. You wouldn’t believe some of the things they’re seeing over there. Please take five minutes out of your day and read a few of these posts.

It just might change your life.


If you can do nothing at all but spare 9 minutes out of your day (and I know we can all do this), watch this video. It had me crying.

I pray that one day I will meet Pushpa. *sigh* Oh how I want to meet her and hug her.


If you sponsor a child (with Compassion or any other organization), let me know! Tell me their name(s)! And if you end up sponsoring a child through Compassion, please come back and let me know!!! It would make my day.

One last thing…if you think of it, please keep Pushpa in yours prayers! Thanks!