Whew. This past week has been ca-razy. It’s so nice to finally sit down and write a post. I’ve missed this. No lie.

I’m excited to catch you all up on what’s been happening this past week (this is where you pretend to care), but that will have to wait because…..


I thought I’d do something a little special to celebrate. I asked a few people what they thought I should do, and I’ve decided that I’m going to take a little trip down memory lane. I hope you’ll join me!

These are some of my favorite posts that I’ve written since my blog began! :)

~This is probably my favorite post ever…or at least in the top three. It’s all about Beauty, and how I define it.

~I like this one because I was honest here. I try to always be honest on here, but in this one I didn’t want to hide my emotions from you all. If I’m hurting, I can share it. Whether you read it is up to you. But I’m proud that I didn’t hide it here, and that’s why this post makes it onto my Favorites List.

~In this particular post, I shared a little of what went down between me and E. Not much, because I’m still not ready to share it all…but some of my heart was shared here. It hurt to re-read the post, but it’s a good reminder that there is HOPE in every situation. Only because of Jesus. Ahh thank goodness for Him.

~This Sunday Song post is one that I just love…because the song speaks volumes. I’ve gone through a lot of hurt this past year, but I’ve tried to bless Him through it all. Easier said than done, trust me. I also like the song because of the whole Mask Game thing…have you ever played that game?

~Have you ever questioned if God is Faithful? If so, check out this post I wrote that testifies that, not only can He do anything…He’s Faithful and never leaves you stranded by yourself. Thank goodness.

~Okay so this is seriously one of my favorite posts ever. Here are a few lines from the post:

“God is good and God is BIG. If I’m being honest, I don’t quite know how to communicate with a God like that. A God that can breathe and stars like VY Canis Majoris just come out of His mouth.”

In the box we’ve made for Him, we don’t have to feel guilty when we don’t spend time with Him. Because He’s put away in His box. We don’t have to worship Him or think about Him. We’ve put Him away. In His box, we can pull Him out whenever it’s convenient. When we need Him. And, for some reason, we think that He can’t get out of that box unless we let Him out.”

Are you taking God in a box to go? Something to think about…

~One day can change everything…and this day changed me.

~A while back, I wrote a few posts on rainbows and what they mean to me. Feel free to check them out if you want!

~Do you see the glass as half-full or half-empty? I chose, on New Years Eve, to see it as half-full. I chose to be grateful that the year was ending and a new one was coming, instead of being miserable because of all that had changed.

~This post is one that I like because I was open and vulnerable in it, as much as possible. Moments have the power to take your breath away, if you take the time to live in the moment each day.

~I have a lot of questions about God and faith and Jesus. I’m guessing I’m not the only one who has questions. At least, I hope I’m not! I shared some of these questions in this post.

~This Favorites List wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include the post that got me started! Click here to go way back to the very beginning of it all. :)


Thanks for taking the walk down memory lane with me! I hope you’re still here to celebrate my next 100 when that rolls around. :D