Have you all heard about what’s going on in Nashville? To be honest, I wouldn’t know anything about it if it weren’t for other blogs. I’ve heard nothing about it in the news.

Granted, I don’t like to watch the news often because it’s all gloom and doom. But still. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero.

We heard about Haiti for weeks, but we aren’t hearing about major flooding in our own country?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for supporting Haiti and helping them however we can. What happened there was devastating.

But…this is US.

OUR country!

I’m thankful for the other bloggers who are getting out the message about Nashville and how to help. I live in Florida, so I can’t just take twenty minutes to hop in a car and meet some friends to go help flooded communities. But YOU can.

Well, if you live near Nashville, of course. :)

Pete Wilson, one of the pastors of  Cross Point Church, has a blog that I follow. He has great spiritual insight and he just came out with a book, Plan B.

I’m in the process of reading Plan B, and will let you know what I think when I’ve finished it. But that is not the reason I bring up Pete Wilson…

Cross Point Church is doing a lot to help Nashville. If you’re able to donate your time or resources (or PRAYERS), please check out Pete’s blog to get connected with people who would be more than willing to come along side you and help. Trust me, they need all the help and volunteers they can get! Nashville is a huge place…along with that comes a huge chance to reach people for Christ.

We’re called to be the Body and I believe this is a great opportunity to step up and be exactly who and what we’re made to be.

Will you join us?