When we got to Samford, Ms S met up with her son. Skipping ahead a little bit, here is where we stayed the night. I was supposed to stay in the dorms with my friend A, but she was at a dance that didn’t end until late. And I, well, fell asleep before she could come pick me up.
I took pictures of the room because it was a very scary experience. It may look like a normal motel room but noooo. Twas not the case. Let me put it this way, my first thought when I woke up the next morning was: I’m alive. Thank you God.
My mom’s first thought? ‘I wonder if we still have four tires.’
I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried, people.
The light flickered in here for about 7 or 8 seconds before coming on. And PLEASE notice the toilet seat. I thought we just HAD to be on a hidden camera show. But no.
On to some good news! The campus is gor-ge-ous!!! This is what you see when you pull in the main entrance.
The flowers in the pictures below are actually the same ones in the pictures above. My mom thought it looked like our little friend was sitting in the flowers.
I am pleased to introduce you to Mr. Beeson. He donated a buttload of money to Samford, so they named a buttload of buildings after him and his family members. And then they had this statue made of him. Quite a tiny man, I must say.
These are his real shoes. How cool is that?!
I have a feeling we would quickly become great friends.
That’s it for today! The next post will be of some of the beautiful buildings. Get ready, cause there’s a ton. :)