Here we go…Into the wild, blue yonder….
Okay, not so much. But here we go on our fabulous tour of Samford buildings. The pictures aren’t wonderful, but hopefully you’ll get a good idea of what the campus looks like!
This is the Administration Building, Samford Hall.
This is the pharmacy building…feel free to ignore the reflection of my pillow in the window.
This was attached to the pharmacy building…I don’t remember what it’s for.
These were outside the building pictured above.
I think this is just gorgeous.
The layout of the main buildings on campus is pretty cool. Basically, they’re in a big circle. Then around that big circle, there’s an outter ring with dorms and stuff. But in the middle of the big circle is this huge, beautiful space. Here are a few pictures of it.
This is Reid Chapel, where most services are held. My moms best friend got married in this chapel, actually.
The steeple
Burns Hall, one of the wings off of Reid Chapel.
Chapman Hall, the other wing.
There were people taking wedding pictures while we were there…cute, huh?
I just thought these trees were pretty.
That’s it for today. We’ve gone around 1/4 of the circle. I’m telling ya, it’s a big place.
But not too big.
Actually, I think it might be just right for me. :D