Jumping right back into our tour of Samford, here is Beeson Hall, which is the Business Building.
They have this little bike thing at Samford…you can rent a bike for a few days for like $3 or something. We saw a guy riding around wearing a suit. It was pretty funny.
This is the Beeson University Center. In this building is the mail room, the caf, and a little food court area. There are also offices in here, as well as the campus bookstore.
Connected to the University Center is this little area…it’s actually one of the wings of the Center. Why is this wing important? Well, it’s the Communications/Journalism wing. AKA Where I would spend almost all my time. :)
I don’t remember where this was, but it was by the Communications area. So…yeah. Enjoy.
This is Divinity Hall…which is for the, duh, Divinity school.
One wing of Divinity Hall:
View of Sherman (ha!) from Divinity Hall. Way in the distance you can see Reid Chapel.
We’re 3/4 around the circle! Or 3/4 around Sherman…
Whichever you prefer. :)