What is are you doing this summer? Are you taking any trips? Visiting with the family? Chillin’ at the pool? Are you planning to have a summer with no plans? Those are fun :)

I’m going on a lot of trips this summer. To be honest, life doesn’t slow down for me in the summer…

It speeds up.

For example, my family will be going to Washington D.C. for a week, visiting with my moms side of the family (not in D.C.), and going to a place in Florida (where all of my dads side meets up every year for a one-week family reunion).

By myself, I will be going to Jamaica for a week on a mission trip. Well, not by myself…I’ll be with a few people from church. But not with my family…you get the point.

I will also be spending a week at youth camp, as I do every year.

That’s over one whole month that I’ll be gone/out of town.

In between all that, I have work and some school work. Blah math. Yucky.

It’s going to be a sad summer, but I want to make sure that I *try to* view it as a happy summer. A good summer. A better-than-last-summer summer. Cause really, can it be much worse than last year’s summer?

All my summer plans will keep me busy. I’m most looking forward to taking lots of pictures! :) I love me some pictures.

What are your summer plans?