…but not for long!

I got back from Kid’s Camp late Wednesday afternoon…and I’m leaving for Jamaica right after church this Sunday!

Since geting back home I’ve done basically one thing: sleep.

Kid’s Camp wears me out like no other. We’re going going going all day long, staying up late for team meetings, and getting up early to arrive at camp and lead all the games. I slept until 2:00pm yesterday. 12 whole hours…it was insane.

I’ve also been working and trying to catch up on some TV shows that I missed while I was gone. I’m still catching up on shows and *big sigh* I haven’t even BEGUN to catch up on blog posts. It’s horrible.

Plus I’ve got to work and pack tomorrow…and then I’m gone for a week. Crazy!

But I just wanted to pop in and say “hey!”

I’ll make a post for tomorrow with Kid’s Camp pictures!!! :D

P.S. Don’t forget that I’ll have blog posts going up while I’m in Jamaica. :)