I know. I’ve been home since Saturday night and I haven’t written a post about Jamaica. I’ve put up two posts that were written before the trip…but that doesn’t count.

Don’t go all crazy on me, but this won’t really be about Jamaica, either.

Please don’t shoot.

I’ve been SO tired since Saturday. Between work and everything else, I’ve been busy. BUT I got totally caught up on reading blogs. I’m SUPER behind on TV shows, though. :(

Anywho, I was all ready to get back into blog posting….and then I got sick. I’ve been feeling horrible the past two days. I even called in sick to work today. I hate doing that. It makes me feel terrible. I really couldn’t go in, though. I threw up last night (nasty) and, long story short, I haven’t been able to move my neck for days…without a shooting pain, at least.

I went to the doctor today and I’ll be getting an MRI soon. In the mean time, I’m working and trying to keep still to avoid the pain. I hate taking naps but I’ve taken many in the past few days…just to get a little relief from the pain.

At this moment, I’m feeling much better. Hence this short blog post. But I’ve gotta go get some stuff accomplished while I can.

I haven’t even put my Jamaica pictures on the computer yet. THAT’S how horrible I’ve felt.

I KNOW. Insane.