Hi!!! :D How are you? I’m doing pretty well. posting is hard, so bear with me. one key at a time.

good news. i fed myself for the first time this morning. they gave me my first shower yesterday (awkward). and i’ve been up walking a few times. some people have stopped by, which is nice, but it really wears me out. just typing this ia tiring. sad.

last night was absolutely horrible. i had 2 dreams where i felt like i was almost arguing with God to stay here. very strange. but i’m still here. :)

if i really continue to improve, i may go home late tomorrow. which means no more IVs, my lip must heal (very swollen and clear white), more strength, shower, and lots of walking.

we shall see. in the mean time i’m just trying to rest. i’ve met some very nice nurses, and have been able to read your comments. thank you. they are so sweet.

hope you’re doing well and trusting in Him. Go listen to the song Healer by Hillsong. It’a a good one. :)