This verse has really helped me through everything. I claimed it as my own. I hope it impacts you, as well.

“Oh Lord my God, I called to You for help and You healed me.” -Psalm 30:2

Where to begin?! We just got back home from Miami and I just HAD to tell you! The doctor said that if there’s any kind of brain tumor to want, it’s the one I had. Because I am officially



Super exciting and such a huge relief. As I said before, I fully believed I was already cancer free before the doctor “said so” this morning. But to hear those words…it’s still so nice.

I really didn’t appreciate my health until I realized what it could be. Until the possibility was staring me down. EVEN IF I had cancer and even if the 1-2 percent chance ends up happening…it’s all good. He is still all good. Life is still all good.

But for now? I’m celebrating this victory. The battle has been won. I know I’ve shared this song before, and I know for certain I’ll share it again some day…but for now, enjoy this and know that HE is the ultimate Healer (of health and everything else in life).