Some of you have been wanting to know what life is like now that I’m home from the hospital. I will say, every day is different. But to give you a simple run-through…here goes an example of what Tuesday was like (yup, I’m writing this today…AKA Tuesday).

And I know this is a borrring post and I actually took pictures for ya’ll. But I figured you didn’t need to see the time, my pillows, the compuer, or Publix. So just skip the post or come back tomorrow if you’d like. :)


I wake up WAY TOO EARLY FOR MY LIKING. My favorite number is 7, but only in the PM time frame. 7 in the morning should be unheard of.

I lay in bed and “rest” for a while…AKA try desperately to go back to sleep. Listen to music or check some blogs. Then I finally get up and make a pit stop in the bathroom.

You know you wanted to know that little detail. Truly, I spend way too much time there now. All the morphine and pain meds messed my insides up, so I can’t go to the bathroom anymore. Not really, anyways.

Please try to imagine. Girls, it’s like constantly feeling bloated. So. much. fun.

Then I get online and check the usuals: email and Facebook.

After that comes breakfast (which today meant a blueberry bagel (eaten on the side of my mouth that’s in less pain) and a brownie. Because I’m nutricious.

And then I walk. Nope, not kidding. I walk for about thirty minutes (I’m trying to do this every day now) and I often pass the time by walking around my room with a book. That way I accomplish two things in one: I get to read more books and I get to pretend I’m being healthy and “fit.” Whatever that means.

Some where in there I may write or just lay down to rest for about 10 minutes. Usually at this time I’m bored out of my mind, so I may watch TV if anything is on.

IT NEVER IS. What’s with morning shows? Nothing good is on until night time. Sigh. So just to give you an example of my exciting new life, I watched Designed To Sell today. Twice. A full hour. It’s a good show…but I just don’t know how else to spend my time “relaxing” now…so I watched TV.

Then I get back to the computer, walk a little more, read some, and contemplate what I shall eat for lunch. After lunch I either write notes, blog, go online, watch recorded shows (though nothing is on anymore), or just do…


I literally don’t know what to do with myself. I believe I may start cleaning my room.

If the world blows up, you’ll know why.

No but seriously, I don’t know what to do with myself. Some time in the afternoon I get a shower which takes approximatly FOREVER. Washing my hair is a long process because of the surgery, so by the time I’ve showered and my mom has dried my hair, it’s been an hour and a half. I used to be in and out within, oh, say 10 minutes. But my hair can’t stay moist so it must be dried…and I have such thick hair. Alas. I try to wait until afternoon to take my shower because my head and neck are harder to turn after.

After that whole ordeal, it might be kind of close to dinner or medicine time. Or reading time. Or cleaning. Or basically whatever I can find to do, which isn’t much. I never realized before how much empty time I would have now. It’s kind of sad.

Eventually I fall asleep..usually around 1am. Last night it was 2am. Oh well. Such is life.

Excuse me, such is my boring life as of late.