I’ve had every intention of writing the past few days. I knew what I wanted to write on Sunday and on Monday. Even tonight. But a few things have happened. We were in a minor car crash tonight (everyone is totally okay), so we actually just got home about 15 minutes ago (It’s 10:49), although we were hit right before 9:00. So, needless to say, that changed my plans for the night a little bit. We hadn’t had dinner yet and I still have stuff to do before bed. But what’s important is that we’re all okay, which we are.

And when it comes to posting on Sunday and Monday, well I’ll just be blunt…

Jesus comes first. Before blogging and before everything else.

Before you think I’m getting up on a soapbox, let me tell you that I’m not. Because here’s the thing: I’ve been failing. A lot. I haven’t been doing well with what I’ve made a priority.

I love God and I love talking about Him and learning about Him…but let’s be honest, some days I just don’t want to do my devotion. I’ll talk to Him and sing throughout the day, yet I don’t ever get out my Bible.

Sometimes days go by before I even realize I haven’t opened my Bible.

But I never forget to eat. Or brush my hair. Or get on Facebook. Or check Blogger.com.

So instead of blogging the past few days, I decided I would take a little break and spend more time with Him.

It didn’t happen. Even when I made the time, I let other things take up that time. It’s horrible, I know. SO. I’ve got to change my priorities once again. I know what should be first, and now I’ve got to make it first.