A few months ago I wrote about what was going on in Nashville and a book called Plan B.

It’s a book (written by this guy) that I asked for for Christmas, since it wouldn’t be available until May of 2010. I was excited when I got it in the mail, and I began reading it within a week or two, I would say.

But for some reason, I just couldn’t read it. I’m not sure if it was the book, the timing, or just me. Let me explain.

I like Story books. I like to hear your Story, know what you’ve gone through, live through your experience. I like books that tell Stories. For example, as a child I read the BabySitters Club because each book told a Story. Nothing profound, but hey I was little.

I’ve always loved reading and I doubt that will ever change. Over time, I’ve begun to read better Stories. I’ve basically read everything by Karen Kingsbury, and I suggest you do the same. What she can do with words is pretty incredible.

Anywho. I like Story books. Obviously.

Plan B is not a Story book. It’s almost a self-help book. And I really do not like those. If you do, great. But I’m a let’s-try-to-do-it-alone kind of girl. I like just trusting in God and not needing a self-help book. That’s just me.

What’s different about Plan B is that it’s almost a God-help book. Pete Wilson, the author, draws the reader back to God in every chapter. It’s as if Wilson is saying, “I know your situation is scary. I know you don’t know what to do next, and neither do I. But God does. So bring your problem to Him; lay your Plan B at His feet, and let Him take control.”

I like that.

Really, I do. I think I had just already reached a place where I knew that, so the book just reinforced it all. I will say, however, that I stopped reading the book and started it all over again when I found out about my tumor.

I think we’d both agree that a brain tumor was not part of my Plan A. It was part of God’s, though, so I’m okay with that. And it’s definitely been interesting to watch Him change what I thought was Plan B into something that’s very clearly His Plan.

I’ve finished Plan B, and I liked it. The ending part of the book really made sense. Wilson says that there’s not always a “nice bow” to wrap up our destructive Plan Bs, but there’s Hope. And Hope is enough, because He is enough. Here’s a quote from the book that might speak to you as it did to me:

“I’m asking you, right in the middle of your Plan B pain, to trust the process that is going on in your life. It won’t be finished for a while, but it has begun. God will finish what he started. Wait for it.”

So simple. So true.

There are some fabulous verses in that book that definitely helped me through. I would recommend it to everyone facing a hard time that wasn’t expected…which is, quite possibly, everyone. It’s a cheap book that’s worth every penny. So go buy it! And then come back and tell me how your Plan B ends up being the most spectacular ride of your life.