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The other day I spent most of the day thinking it was today.

Confusing. Let me simplify that: On Friday, I spent most of the day thinking it was already Saturday.

I went shopping for Bible Study supplies. I thought about what I would wear to church the next day – So I could just get up, get dressed, and go. I read over the lesson plan again for Bible Study. I thought about the new small group I would be placed in the next day. I made plans, did things, and thought about things…all for Sunday, the following morning.

And then I asked my dad, “Will we leave before 8:30 tomorrow?

“Why would we do that?”

“…So I can be on time for Bible Study.”

Then the sudden realization came over me that tomorrow, which is now today, would be Saturday and not Sunday.

I lost track of the days; I lost track of the big picture.

I think this happens often in life to me and to everyone. We lose track of the time, the day, the last time we ate, whether we did our devotion that morning, and if we’re supposed to be somewhere.

Sometimes we even forget about our greatest dreams because “they can wait” or “it’ll happen tomorrow.”

We become so focused on the little things, the here and now, that we forget to look at the over all picture.

We focus on the piece and not the puzzle as a whole. Sure, a puzzle can be solved by looking at one piece against another piece until the right one is found. But a puzzle can be solved much faster if the puzzle-maker first looks at the big picture, looks at the individual pieces, and then joins them together based on the picture already seen. In fact, sometimes it takes completeing some pieces to see the solution or the “next move.” Pieces can build on top of each other, just like life events.

I’m tired of looking at life events and seeing them just as the here and now. They have so much more meaning than that. I’m selling myself short if I focus on little things and not the big picture.

I want to be a better puzzle-maker than that.