A few days ago I posted what I got in my SWAP package. Today I’ll show you what I sent Ash. And Ash, if you’re reading this and still don’t have your package, stop reading!
The hard thing is that I live in Florida and Ash is in California…so I couldn’t send sunny stuff or palm tree stuff or beach stuff…since both places are a lot a like. So I focused on our oranges and the color orange.
These are candy sticks. Two orange flavored and one tropical fruit flavored.
A fun little cup (still covered in plastic) that you could use on the beach etc.
I think this is super cute. I was tempted to get myself one.
This is a little sign that can be painted or colored in with markers. I didn’t know what colors she would want it, so I’m leaving it up to her. :)
More earrings – These made me think of turtles, although I’m not sure why.
Pearls for Palm Beach, Florida…a very fancy place.