In honor of all the 10’s today, I thought perhaps I would post 10 things about me that you may not know! :) And if I’ve written a post talking about any of these things before, then my apologies. I clearly don’t have the best memory out there. :)

1: Christmas is my favorite holiday.
2: When I drive, my left leg doesn’t stretch out…it’s almost always bent. So much more comfortable.
3: I’ve worked at the same place for almost four years.
4: I’ve never really liked my handwriting that much.
5: I like playing Sudoku.
6: I played basketball for many years.
7: I ‘coached’ basketball for one year.
8: I like to save my money…but sometimes I make spur of the moment purchases on clothes I don’t really need.
9: I can make an awesome yogurt parfitt. Yummm.
10: The show Undercover Boss made me cry last Sunday. SO SAD.

Share 10 things about you and leave a link so I can come get to know you a little better! :)