Just a few links for you all until I can sit down and write my next post.

— Don’t forget about the Epic Christmas Card drive that is going on! You can find my post about it here.

— Shaun Groves, a man that I have never met (but came so close to meeting :]), is raising money for a new CD. But when it comes down to it, he’s raising money to release children from poverty. His concerts are free; he just asks everyone to consider sponsoring a child (or children) through Compasson. With another CD, he will be able to reach more people and therefore more children will (hopefully!) be sponsored. Would you be willing to contribute just $5 to helping him make a CD? If so, or if you just want to hear more, click here.

— This special lady is on quite a journey right now. She’s inspiring, real, and honest. I highly encourage you to check out her blog. I don’t always feel comfortable recommending blogs, but this is one that I’ve read for many many months, and I feel that I can point you to her blog without any hesitation. She has no idea I’m doing this, but if you stop by, would you leave her a little note of encouragement? It’s been a pretty great, but also very trying week for her. Read her story and you’ll understand.

— I’ve had Christy Nockels songs in my head recently…especially this one. But the song that currently won’t stop spewing it’s Christmas-ness across my mind? Last Christmas by George Michael….and I have no earthly idea what got it stuck in my mind.

It. Won’t. Leave.

— Have you ever had a Take 5??? If you haven’t, I beg of you to shut down your computer and go to the store. RIGHT NOW. You may just eat five bags once you try them.

(Image from here)

— I know this has nothing to do with links, but I’m adding this in as a bonus.

Because I don’t want to make another post just to say this. :) Starting tomorrow, I’ll be posting clues as to where I’m going. Play along and comment and/or tweet your guesses.