I’ve posted about Compassion in the past. I’ve shared how much I love it, and that I sponsor a little girl, Pushpa, through Compassion.

I believe in it.

I believe in Pushpa.

I believe Compassion is making an amazing difference around the world as I write these words, and I know the difference will live on even after I hit Publish Post.

Not because of my words or anything I do, but because God is moving through Compassion (as well as many other ministries). However, when I send money in each month, I am making a difference.

I’m making a difference in Pushpa’s life (food, clothing, an education, etc).

I’m making a difference in my life.

It sounds kind of silly, because typically who would think that spending money on someone I’ve never met and may never see face-to-face would change or impact my life. I would have less to spend on myself, so that would impact me. But make a positive difference in my life? Yeah, right. Sounds a little like what you read in a fairy tale.

It’s true, though. But it’s not the money I spend that makes such a difference. It’s not the money you do or do not send that makes such a difference. The money is great because it provides for physical things. But it does nothing for the spiritual; for the emotional.


It’s all about the letters.

I write her and tell her all about my family and what’s going on in my life. I spend a little time talking about holidays that are coming up and how we celebrate them, and I answer any questions that she asks. She likes to hear about my parents and siblings. She especially seems to love comparing their holidays to ours.

And then I ask about her. How she’s doing, how school is going, and what new song she has learned.

She calls me Auntie. She ends each letter with the words “with hugs and kisses, Pushpa.”

My heart melts each time. In the last letter I got from her, there was a beautiful picture of her included. A picture of her in the new dress she bought with her birthday money that I sent her.

She doesn’t have many clothes. But before she bought the dress for herself, she bought a desk.

A DESK, people. So that she wouldn’t have to study on the floor. She wanted a desk.

Ah, I’m so in love with this little piece of India that I consider to be my little sister.

It’s not the money I send that gives us a connection. It’s the letters that I write. Compassion kids save every single letter, you know.

But there’s a really big problem, and I’m asking you to help.

I’m on my knees here people, not that you can tell. But I’m typing this on my knees, which is really quite hard. But just hear me on this, because it’s really important.

Some children will receive loving letters from their sponsors for Christmas. They’ll hear about how we celebrate, what we love about Christmas, and they’ll read “I love you, have a great Christmas!”

And then other children?

They will receive no Christmas letter. There are SO many children that don’t have sponsors to write them this holiday season. They just want a letter. Not a Christmas tree or candy in a stocking. Not the newest video game or doll.

Just a letter. One simple letter.

We can do this. We can send letters to these children that are only asking for love in the form of written words.

Here’s how it works (information taken from the DaySpring page):

1. Personalize a card for a kid in Ecuador just dying to hear from YOU.

2. Tell them what makes them so worth celebrating this Christmas season.

3. Include a photo of you and your family plus a little bit about you – kids LOVE photos! (If you want)

4. Add to Cart and Voila – you’ve just created a Christmas message that will be hand delivered to a child in Ecuador. Our team will be there December 11-16!

DaySpring says, “You design the card, Compassion will translate it, DaySpring will print it, and a team from both organizations will travel to Ecuador to deliver all the cards in person to unsponsored children of Compassion International just in time for Christmas!”

And it only costs $1.99 (or 2.99 for other cards)!!! That’s not even a whole Starbucks drink. It’s not even one gallon of gas and it will forever impact these children. We’re not being asked to sacrifice very much here.

Follow this link to get started.

If you’d like to read more information about this epic card drive, go here.

Please be part of this amazing card drive.

So that I can get off my knees. And for the kids, of course. Mainly for the kids. :D