Oh how glad I am that Christmas is over! The stress of the holiday seems to weigh heavier than the joy on most people. Including myself, at times.

Don’t get me wrong…I love celebrating His birthday. But I think I might hate Christmas. Well, the materialism side of it anyway. Some gifts are great…but when it becomes the most important thing? Mmm no thanks.

I’d rather focus on the joy than the stress (60), though, so here are a few of my holiday joys:

Staying in pajamas all Christmas day (61)

Christmas music softly playing in the background the entire day  (62)

My VERY favorite thing for breakfast…it’s called Christmas Morning Rolls (yes, we named it :]) and there is nothing like it. Mmmm SO GOOD (63)

A big Thanksgiving dinner type thing. You know what I mean. Turkey, mashed potatos, gravy, green beans, bread, cranberry dessert, etc. Delicious. (64)

Getting my first computer (65)

Being off work for Christmas (66)

Cold weather (67) …YES it’s been cold here! And don’t laugh at me and “cold.” It’s seriously been in the 20s and 30s. Today it was the 40s/50s. Sweet!!

Getting to wear boots (68)

Having a legit reason to wear scarves (69)

Christmas Eve service at church (70)

Lighting candles at the service (71)

Eating s’mores that my brother brought me while I was typing this post…from the fire our neighbors have going. A fire ya’ll. Outside. In Florida. It’s unreal. (72) and (73)

My new Samford sweatshirt that I got for Christmas…and the fact that it’s cold enough here to wear it out in public, not just around the house. (74)

Chili for dinner…it’s cold, remember? :) (75)

Chicken and dumplings…it’s cold here, yes? :) (76)