I’ve talked about Day One: Friday

The crucifixion. What looked like the end-all of end-alls, the worst day in history, became the best day in history. But they didn’t know that then.

They didn’t know it on Day Two: Saturday, either.

If ever there was a day full of questions and doubt, it was Saturday. Do you get angry with God, frustrated that His plan isn’t lining up with the best plan, “your plan?” Then you live in Saturday.

Most of the time I do, too.

When everything is dark and stormy and there is not even one little shaft of light shining through, Sunday doesn’t seem possible. Sunday doesn’t even exist, and you sure won’t live to see it come.

That’s how it feels, and it doesn’t feel like that ^ could possibly be wrong.

But it is, because Sunday ALWAYS comes.

Welcome to Day Three: Sunday.

The day when the world seems right again.

The day when the world IS right again, though it was never really wrong…we just couldn’t see the big picture.

Sunday. Life, new life. Joy. Happiness. Answers.


No more doubt or pain. No more “why?”

Answers. Joy.

On the third morning angels rolled the stone (that was placed in front of the tomb where (dead) Jesus had been placed) away from the tomb. When the disciples looked inside they saw an empty grave with graveclothes laying empty – wrapped around…no one. He was gone.

They feared someone had stolen His body. They thought it was one big, cruel joke being played.

It was in fact the biggest, greatest, answer they could have dreamed.

He was alive.

In fact, He’s still alive.

He stayed on Earth for 40 days and hundreds of people witnessed the fact that He was, well, ALIVE.


Death was conquered. Not a disease that someone some day might find a cure for.

No. Death.

Death CAN NOT be beaten.

Except…Jesus beat it.

The grave could not hold the King.

He is the One we celebrate. The One who conquered not only sin, but the grave that had proven up until then (and from then on) to be undefeated.

Track record broken.

Grave: 0 Jesus: 1

After 40 days He ascended into Heaven where He has been ever since. 2,000 years later and yep, He’s still kicking.

Okay, maybe kicking isn’t the right word for Jesus.

But He’s still around, alive, living, breathing, you know.

Friday was pain. Saturday was doubt. Sunday was joy. End with joy. He created joy; He is joy.

Happy Easter everybody!