The world is going to end tomorrow.

In case you didn’t know.

It is also going to end in 2012.

Because that makes perfect sense.

Beware! Get ready! Prepare yourselves! The world will end tomorrow, May 21st, 2011, and it will also end in 2012!

What genius came up with that? Stupidity at its finest.

The world will not end tomorrow or at the end of 2012.

I know because of Mark 13:32

“But the exact day and hour? No one knows that, not even heaven’s angels, not even the Son. Only the Father. So keep a sharp lookout, for you don’t know the timetable. It’s like a man who takes a trip, leaving home and putting his servants in charge, each assigned a task, and commanding the gatekeeper to stand watch. So, stay at your post, watching. You have no idea when the homeowner is returning, whether evening, midnight, cockcrow, or morning. You don’t want him showing up unannounced, with you asleep on the job. I say it to you, and I’m saying it to all: Stay at your post. Keep watch.”

No one knows the day or hour. So how could it possibly be tomorrow, or the end of 2012, which many people suspect. How could that be?

It can’t.

Not if you believe what I believe.

And if you don’t believe what I believe, then I suppose I have only a few more hours left to live.

Which makes me really sit down and think about it. What would I do if I only had a few more hours, a day, to live? What would you do?

I think I would come up with many things. Call a few friends. Write a couple notes. All good things, yes.

But when it comes down to it, I would start by really living.

My challenge is this: Don’t wait for the imminent sting of death to push you to really live. Live now.