I haven’t really been around much AT ALL this summer. I was gone all last week at camp, and have so much that I learned from that week that I will share with you all if only I can find the words. I apologize for not being around here much recently, but I haven’t been able to take my computer with me on almost all of these trips. Here is a little something I wrote this weekend…maybe it will tide you over. :)

This is me. In my pajamas. No make up (typical) and nothing done to my hair. I didn’t even brush it this afternoon after my shower. I’m not even wearing my pearl earrings, which I wear ALL THE TIME. Not when I’m sleeping…but other than that, you will find me wearing them. They help me feel better, more confident. Which I realize sounds ridiculous and insane, but it’s the truth.

There was a time (many times, in fact) when I really hated how I looked. I used to try to change it. I even made a list of things about myself that I hated. I’m ashamed of how long that list became. But over time I began to do my best to change those things. I slowly was able to cross items off the list. Not just because I changed a few of them, but because I learned to accept myself for who I am.

I may not be the most beautiful person you’ll ever meet. Actually, I can guarantee you that won’t be the case. If you doubt the truth in that statement, just let me introduce you to my friends. They’re freaking gorgeous and I can’t compare to that. But I am me and I choose each day to believe the quote I came up with years ago, the saying that is stuck to my mirror: They aren’t faults. They are just things to overcome.

This is me. Take it or leave it, I will find the beauty either way.