I jinxed myself.

I get on here and talk about what all I’ve done this summer. All the trips and things I’ve gone to.

How I’ve barely spent any time at home, but now I have until the 30th to just hang with friends.

But oh wait. No. Change of plans.

I will now be leaving tomorrow for NC to go see my grandparents before heading to college.

I’m actually glad because I haven’t seen them in what feels like a really long time, plus I won’t see them until Thanksgiving.

This is the best time for me to go since I’ll be out of the country in a week and after that it’s packing for college, so I’m headed north!

I’m also glad because I know I don’t have much time with them left. Their health isn’t that great so I want to enjoy a few days with them while I still can. And I’ll have my computer with me so I’ll say hi to you from NC in a day or two. :) Not tomorrow though because I’ll be a tad busy driving up, and it’s a ways of a drive.

But at the end of the drive I’ll see my grandparents, will get to spend a little bit of time with them, and will get to have my eyebrows done by the only person that has ever not screwed them up (and thus the only person I let wax them besides myself).

(Not that I wax them. I don’t. That would be a high level of stupidity on my part.)

Perhaps I didn’t jinx myself after all.