Some Panama pictures, perhaps? :)

How we felt about waking up to catch a bus to catch a plane…at 3am.


After performing on the streets for the first time! (Our team (about 35 people) learned an 18 minute drama that we performed all over the place.)

These are from Cinco de Mayo, which is kinda of like their Time Square in Panama City. We went all up and down Cinco de Mayo performing the drama. Every time we do the same exact thing:

  • We pick a spot that is wide enough that we can perform (although at times we were given spaces and just had to make them work).
  • Put our valuables in the lockbox
  • Set up the music
  • Start to play music like the Cupid Shuffle
  • Dance around like crazy people (and trust me, this gets their attention because 35 white people dancing to Cupid Shuffle? Hilarious)
  • Square off (sit in our formation)
  • Give the Intro (explain what they’re about to see) – we have translators that translate what we say
  • 1-2 students share their testimony
  • Perform the drama
  • Square off
  • Give The Net (explain one more time – for those that came late – what they just saw, and how Jesus came for them)
  • Break off into our groups and go talk to people that want to know about Jesus

I had fun playing with the colors of the Cinco de Mayo pictures



More to come!!!