It’s funny (funny-ironic, not funny-haha) how when I have so much to say that can bring glory to God, and then I go a little bit out on a limb and begin to speak, even if I’m only starting with a few words…life suddenly gets so busy and before I know it days have gone by where I’m going and going until I hit the pillow at night.

That’s how it’s been since I last posted.

I’m home for a week and spend the time processing the trip before saying anything on here. I finally feel like I’m ready to begin, and I say so. And then what happens? Life.

Getting ready for college.
Meeting up with friends before I go.
Experiencing my last time at church as a senior.
Writing things out, working on pictures and music for school.
And of course packing.

Nothing bad and nothing really wasting my time too much…just busyness. Good busyness, yes. But distracting? For sure.

So the stories of the trip, the pictures…they will come because they must. I must speak, I must share. How can I not when it has changed me so?

Please give me time and be patient (you all have – thank you!) as life keeps going on and I try to carve out time to write on here. There is just so much to say! I am learning so much and this summer has COMPLETELY changed my life. College is creeping up and I can’t believe it’s already here. Less than a week…

For now may I leave you with this? While in Panama I was challenged. While in Panama I was able to live in yet another beautiful country with beautiful people that I will probably never get to meet again. While in Panama I lived in the jungle with the Kuna Tribe. While in Panama I led people to Christ. While in Panama I built stronger relationships with people on our team. While in Panama I saw my own prayers answered literally right before my eyes. While in Panama I sang to my God in the middle of a park, not caring one iota who heard as long as He did. While in Panama I laughed so hard I cried. While in Panama I revealed my biggest secret and stepped out in faith. While in Panama my heart was broken for the broken people all around. While in Panama I got sick and kept going. While in Panama we performed the drama for multiple schools. While in Panama three little girls forever captured my heart. While in Panama I was changed.