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Starting next week, I’m going to be looking at different girls in the Bible – and I would love it if you would join me!
The Bible is old and written by many, but often I’ll be reading and each word jumps off the page and seems relevant to my life – written just for me. You too?
Being a girl, I especially love reading of girls in the Bible and the way God used them, their stories, and their lives to bring us Hope.
I think we’ll see that these women from so long ago? They’re just like us.
Or perhaps, we’re just like them.
Will you join me? Pick one of your favorite women in the Bible and write about her. Do a little research, read the chapter(s) over again. Dig in deep or span out wide. Just learn.
And then come back and tell us all about her – and you. Share how God is using a woman’s story from long ago to challenge you, teach you, or encourage you. We’ll chase history together.
I hope you’ll join me! Pick whatever women you’re most interested in, or can I suggest – one you don’t know much about at all? I’ve listed a few suggestions for you below.
Eve (wife to Adam and mother of Cain, Able, and Seth)
Sarah (wife to Abraham and mother of Isaac)
Rebekah (wife to Isaac and mother of Jacob)
Tamar (wife of Judah and mother to Perez and Zerah)
Rahab (wife to Salmon and mother of Boaz)
Ruth (wife to Boaz and mother of Obed)
Bathsheba (wife to Uriah and David, mother of Solomon)
Mary (wife to Joseph, mother of Jesus)
I’ll be starting with Sarah. I’m going to break mine up into sections – background information, her story, and how does it apply to me (us). It doesn’t need to be long or fancy – just write what you feel comfortable with. This isn’t a bible study – it’s community coming together to talk about Him and the Stories He’s written. Let’s chase history together!
Comment below or tweet me who you’ll be writing about? Then come back Monday and we’ll link up and be encouraged together.