I just figured it was time to get that out there.


I’ve blogged under the name OneGirl for almost five years…and that will always be a bit of who I consider myself.

I didn’t put much thought into a “blogging name” but I knew I wanted one. Not because it was cool or fun or that sort of thing, but because I began blogging at 15 years old…and putting my real name out there felt weird and scary and like a stalker might come kill me.

I know. That’s a bit dramatic. But at that point, I didn’t want to have a real name that would confuse people, so I went with an obviously fake name.

OneGirl fit. After all, It Just Takes One.

And I believe you can change the world. You. Me. Just one person.

So I took on OneGirl, ready to stand up in a fallen world.

But it’s time. For many reasons. One being that I’m entering a new phase. I’m claiming that I’m a writer (even though that is 20 levels of scary).

Many times in the Bible God took someone’s name and changed it. It was very symbolic, showing that the old way was over and new was beginning. What had summed up so much about the person was changing – God was renaming them.

I’m not really taking on a new name, seeing as it’s always been my name.

However, I’ve always done my very best to be real here… and you should know my real name.



Hi, I’m Kaitlyn. If you want to get super technical, then we would have to go with Kaitlyn Bouchillon. But I much prefer Kaitlyn, so let’s go with that. :)

P.S. It’s nice to “meet” you. :)

Now. Another something important. I’m in the process of revamping this space...and am actually brainstorming and dreaming of my own site. So, you might notice a few new things around here.

For starters, I’ve added an About Me page that took me way too long to write. Because how do you sum up yourself while being interesting and hitting all the major points, but not saying too much that people get bored?

Y’all. It was hard, but it’s done. Checked off. Finished. Finito. The end.

I’ve also added blog buttons at the top right of the Home Page – and I did it all by my very own non-HTML-savvy self. I’m a little proud of that.

The buttons will take you to my Facebook page, Twitter, Bloglovin’ page, Pinterest, Instagram, and email. Yes, my real Pinterest and my real Instagram (please note that my IG is set to private because I’m a Rho Gamma this Fall…that sounds weird and complicated, but basically I’m doing something {awesome} on campus in the Fall and have to keep my social media private until the position ends. So just send me a request.).

You’ll also see that my Twitter handle has changed to @kaitlyn_bouch

I’m so excited for these new changes and all the ways it gives us to connect and build community!

And now? Now you can call me by my real name.