As we finish the year, draw the curtains and sweep the floors and turn the last page in the book of 2013, I thought it would be a good time to look back over a few favorites posts from the year. I can’t take credit for this idea – it’s all Emily Freeman’s and I’m just the copycat.

Today I’m sharing again with you some of the things I’ve written this year and I’m still wrestling with, working through, learning and loving. Perhaps you can gain some small sliver of encouragement from them?

Tomorrow I’ll be here sharing some of the best things I’ve read around the web this year, so make sure to check back in tomorrow, too.

1. Pigtails and Joy :: Sometimes pigtails are brave, and sometimes you pull back the hair, show the scar, and in front of two thousand people you just dance.

2. My Summer Plans: Part Three :: Because it’s okay to dream.

3. After :: We leave people with an after-thought, an after-taste. I want mine to be Love.

4. I Called It Quits :: In the middle of a generation looking for a good time and sometimes nothing more, I sat down and said no more. I gave up dating.

5. Friend :: It’s true what they say, that friendships happen in real life. But they happen online, too, and you cannot convince me otherwise.

6. View :: He is for you. He knows your side of the story, sees the tears that fall, and is cheering you along. He is for you.

7. Four Years: A Letter :: Community broke me and after four years of praying for healing and restoration, these are the words that escaped, a letter for a long-ago friend.

8. for when you realize you might actually be a writer :: If I could pick only one post from 2013, it would be this one. This is for you, the one who wants to make a difference but is scared to share their story.

9. How To Love Us Well :: For anyone wanting to love those around them better. For the mentor, the mom, the college student, the teen. We all just want to be loved and do life together.

10. My Real Name :: After five years I left behind the fake name, wrote a new (fabulous, if I do say so myself) About Me page, and said it loud: my name is Kaitlyn and this is my Story.

11. Mercy :: You don’t have to be enough today. You are neither too much nor not enough – He is All and that makes Him Enough. He’s got it covered.

12. You Are Wonderful… Even Without A Boy By Your Side :: Your worth is not wrapped up in a boy. You are so much more.

13. Grace :: On learning to receive the grace you give out.

Did I miss anything? Feel free to share in the comments!