This is my third Christmas away.

It isn’t easy.

Sometimes you celebrate the holiday season on your own, far from family and traditions you’ve held dear.

When Christmas looks different – for whatever reason – how do you celebrate? What do you do?

I’m writing about it over here today…

“I remember one Christmas years ago when my parents took on the role of Secret Santa. Mom would bake cookies and package them up nicely and Dad would drive us to the pre-selected house. I watched in the backseat night after night as they would leave the different presents at the doorstep, ring the doorbell, and then drive quickly away.

Whether celebrating by looking at lights or by leaving gifts, we did it as a family.

Something that seems so worldly and shines so brightly of consumerism was about something much more holy – celebrating the season together by making memories and being generous whether anyone found out or not.

For the third year in a row, things will look a little bit different. While the tree goes up, the lights are hung and the house smells of a new delicious treat every day, I’ll be states away celebrating apart from my family.

For college students and young adults, it isn’t always possible to be home for the holidays. I never anticipated how difficult it would be or how lonely I would feel missing out on traditions, but I’ve learned that the holiness of Christmas isn’t confined to one location.

What makes Christmas holy is the One who came to Earth to save mankind, not counting the cost nor forsaking the cross.

He is the reason the holiday is Holy.

I can celebrate that truth no matter where I am or who is around me.”

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