Oh you…

You’ve shown up again and I am proud of you.

There are commitments and to-do’s, an endless amount of jobs and projects to complete and coffee dates to plan. But you’re here.

I know it feels like the words have run dry and there’s nothing left to offer, nothing of value, anyways. I know your mind feels empty and as you stare at the blank page with a curser mocking you, blinking back silently, you wonder if any of it is even worth it.

You run through the different areas of your life and all of it, every little piece, seems so very ordinary to you. So yeah, it’s your life. We get it. You’ve shared the words and the stories before and now you’re left wondering if there’s anything new to say.

Speak it. I want you to speak it.

You’ve got to show up and speak up even when the words are sparse and the fears many.

It’s not about a widespread reach or the feeling of satisfaction when you realize something has resonated.

It’s not about the good things you’ve done – or the ones you haven’t.

It’s never once been about putting on a face and pretending things are fine over on your side of the screen.

It’s about Jesus in you, not your resume.

It’s about the story He has given you, not the post with the keywords that will drive traffic.

It’s you. Just you. And when you don’t want to show up because you can’t believe there’s anything in this big wide world left for you to say – when you’re convinced nothing as been unsaid and all the great words strung together have been up and posted or published – you just remember that your story is yours alone.

So friend, you keep showing up willing to speak, to share, to bend low and touch your face to the floor. Show up ready to worship. Show up willing to offer.

Five Minute Friday – a letter to myself tonight. Maybe, just maybe, for you too?