Although I absolutely love traveling and it’s 100% true that other places in the world hold pieces of my heart, I’m extremely grateful to call America home.

It is the land of the free and the home of the brave, and with July 4th right around the corner, I’ve been feeling a little extra patriotic lately.

Cents Of Style, a company that I love, recently came out with a few July 4th pieces that are seriously perfect. They’re cute and stylish and really inexpensive, but they’re not too ALL OUT red, white & blue.

And listen – if that’s your thing, girl you go for it. But it’s not mine. I’d prefer a white tee, jean shorts, a bandana or a light scarf and my cowboy boots.

Which kind of works out perfectly because these items? They are going to be shipped to me and worn on my person as I watch the fireworks this year. Since I found such a great deal, I thought I would share it with you!

As soon as I saw this tee, I knew I was going to need to place an order.




For today only, they are $14.95 with FREE shipping! Don’t forget to use code: FREEDOM at checkout. If that code does not work, use code LIBERTY for the same deal on all of these items!

I’m also mildly obsessed with their patriotic scarf. And yeah, there’s this rumor that I have two drawers full of scarves but I will neither confirm nor deny. I’m just saying, this needs to be added to my collection.


The infinity scarf is $14.95 with FREE shipping today only! And don’t forget the code!

Cents of Style also has head wraps (pictured with the shirt above), high heels, necklace and earring sets, American combat boots (!!!), ballet flats, sunglasses, and a ton more for $6-$15 dollars (again, free shipping!). To see all of these deals, simply click here.

I’m not sure why, but this eagle cuff bracelet is kinda just really cool. Today only, it’s $7.50 with FREE shipping!


I also have to point out these oval summer studs. There are five colors to choose from and at $5.00 with free shipping, they’re a steal.


While you’re looking around, make sure to check out their clearance section. They have chandelier earrings for $6, statement necklaces for $7, boots for $20 and a ton more. I’ve purchased multiple times from Cents Of Style and every item has been just as pictured and described.

If you decide to purchase any of these items – or any others from Cents Of Style – I would greatly appreciate if you’d click through any of the links in this post and then do your shopping. If you do so, a small percentage of what you spend will go to me instead of Cents Of Style. It does not cost you any more, but it helps me as I begin migrating this blog to a new space (!!!).

Happy shopping, happy great deals, and happy early July 4th!


Writer’s note: affiliate links used in this post.