There are one million voices. A hundred thousands songs playing over and over with every keystroke.

The melody sweeps over me and I roll in the current, swept up in the peaceful tunes and the sweet words. They wash over me and I am drenched, dripping encouragement and grace.


I am covered.

And I cower.

There are days when the writers open up the browser tabs and click around Facebook, skim the tweets, and read the posts, soaking in the goodness and the soul-strength.

Those very courage strengthening words can build me up in one breath and knock me down as I exhale.

The current sweeps and I am lost. In a sea of a million hundred thousand never ending strings of words, the blank page haunts, sitting empty until my computer timer says I haven’t touched it for too long and the screen goes dark.

I can find myself so overwhelmed by the enormity of amazing posts that the blank screen is a haunting instead of a welcoming and I am swirling, tossing, turning, while the words are churning in the deep.

So we tap. We tap away in the dark of night and we scratch words on napkins or slivers of torn off notebook pages. We peck at the phone and send ourselves notes.

One at a time. One word following another, one note building upon another, until there is a melody and a chorus and suddenly – a song.

It is but one, but it is mighty.

You are but one, but you are mighty.

And the song – it rises. There are a million songs to be sung and a million songs we could sing but we must choose to sing our own.

I am free to be lost so that I may then be found.

I’m joining the #fmfparty tribe over at Lisa-Jo’s tonight, but I would love to extend a personal invitation to you to join the #fmfpartysnailmail girls. It’s the offline community of #fmfparty. In your mailbox, to be specific. With community, there is always room for another – and we’d love to have you! Also, #fmfpartysnailmail + DaySpring = all the happy! The giveaway closes tomorrow!

Writer’s Note: I wrote this week about my size 8 hips and admitted yeah, my thighs touch. So many of you have met my nervous words with such grace – and I pray that the post continues to encourage women of *all* sizes – no clothing label can label you or define your worth. No matter what size the tag says, you are beautiful.