I see you in the corner, picking at your fingernails and ducking your head.

You’re fighting back the lies and pushing against the walls you’ve built inside but you’re stuck.

Every time someone attempts to help, to love on you, to whisper kind things, you burrow further inside. With everything you are, you’re crying to be loved – maybe just simply appreciated.

But with every advance of community the walls climb higher and higher.

I see you.


Behind the fence and the barricade, past the walls and the broken spaces.

I see you. And I will fight for you as I fight with you until these walls come tumbling down.

You belong here. The corner was not made for you – it is never meant to be a home. There is a safe place and it is in the arms of community.

And oh sweet one, I promise there will be times of hurt and community will disappoint but we will say it loud until the walls crack and you’re unchained: you could never un-belong.

You are seen. You are dearly loved. You are valued.

The work you do is important even when it is not recognized. The words you write are moving even when the comment box is empty.

There is nothing you could do, nothing you could say, that could ever make you un-belong.

We gather. Fast and in five minutes, with sisters and lots of delicious. Every Friday the prompt goes up at Lisa-Jo Baker’s and #fmfparty slows down. We write. We breathe out our hearts, sharing the hurts and the joys and splitting hearts and words wide open. {Tonight we are visiting Crystal Stine to join the link up, as Lisa-Jo is out of town.}

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