This is a sponsored post by Cents of Style and all opinions are my own. Cents of Style offers hundreds of accessories at incredibly affordable prices. Seriously – cheap jewelry! Wanna look great on a budget? Keep on reading!


When you’re twenty-one, how else would you celebrate the end of summer class and the blessed beginning of your summer as July comes to a close?

Roof hopping, duh.

I’ve lived in this town for my entire life, gone to this church since I was born, and never made it up to the roof.

Not for lack of trying, mind you.

So after nine weeks of working away in an office, we knew the only way to truly celebrate my last day would be to find a way to the top and I was absolutely beside myself.



95% of our time on the roof consisted of me looking exactly like this:


Barely contain myself? Me? Nah.

It was amazing and I remembered one more time that although I’ve fallen in love with the Magic City, the sunshine state will always be home.


And now I would like to provide you with an awkward transition.

See that beautiful necklace in the first picture? It’s one of my new favorite things.

(Awkwardness accomplished. Carry on.)

(Oh wait. Maybe a little bit more is necessary.)

It looks like this, minus my confused face. Focus on the necklace, people. Focus on the necklace.

My photo taking skills are obviously amazing, made even more so by the fact that the center of each flower is actually coral in real life. I don’t even know, people. But I do know I love this necklace and the matching earrings it comes with. I’ve purchased so many accessories through Cents of Style in the past few years and have always been impressed by the quality of the items.

They’ve figured out how to create a beautiful product while keeping costs extremely low. I’ve loved their scarves, shoes, necklaces, and their tees (softest. ever.).


Lotus two-tone sandal // Whimsical scarf // Santa Fe patina earrings // Colored watch

So if you plan to look like a fool on a rooftop any time soon – or maybe you just want to feel great while staying on a budget – you’re gonna wanna click over and visit Cents of Style.

Did I mention they offer FREE shipping on every single purchase – no matter how much you spend? Yeah. It’s the bomb.

I received the Daisy Flower statement necklace pictured above as compensation, but again all opinions are completely my own. I really do love this company!

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