When community runs out, Jesus runs in. When you see yourself as damaged He declares you lovely.

When you look around and only see ruins, the Holy One bends to carry your holey heart, promising that joy will come in the morning.

Joy always comes.


Six days after receiving , I checked in for brain surgery. I decided to share my story before there was a bow to tie everything up and package it beautifully. The journey was difficult but the choice was easy – if God could receive the glory, then I wanted to tell the story.

The golf ball sized tumor was removed and life began fresh and new, but the holes in my heart remained.

From the outside looking in, the worst had passed and God had healed me completely. The truth was, I still didn’t believe love existed, I didn’t trust a soul, and community was dead to me.

My mind was healed but my heart was still broken. Over time, God’s relentless love pursued me, wooed me, and led me back into community. My heart had been broken by community but God began to break my heart for community.

He authored the story and as the words began to spread, I realized that God turns tests into testimonies and messes into messages.

Too often we believe that only the “big stories” will reach far and wide.

The only viral that is vital is the message of Christ. That is the only “big story.”

Our own words, whether one or one hundred read them, will never amount to a single blot of ink in the greatest Story ever told.

But if I write and say what He calls me to share? If I preach His story instead of my own? He will flip everything I know upside down, starting with an ordinary day we call Tuesday.

Tuesday. May 26, 2009: Community breaks and I begin to build walls.
Tuesday. June 29, 2010: I have my first MRI.
Tuesday. July 6, 2010: I under-go brain surgery.
Tuesday. July 23, 2013:  becomes the theme of
Tuesday. October 8, 2013:
Tuesday. June 20, 2014: An MRI shows a heart in my brain.


This is the story I’ve been waiting to tell you all summer. This is the story of the power in all the ordinary Tuesdays and how there is always – always – hope. I would love for you to continue reading over at (in)courage, and perhaps consider sharing this with your friends through Facebook or Twitter? We could all use a little bit of hope.

Don’t forget, there is still time for you to enter the and the