It’s late Friday afternoon and it’s almost that time when the sun begins to set and you can’t help but sigh at the beauty.

I’m watching three of my favorite kiddos and as I hold a sweet little one in my lap, the two older boys splash and play and get more water on the ground than in the pool.

That’s when it happens.

I’m looking down at a pile of sweetness covered in pink and I look up to a full-blown miracle smack in the middle of all our ordinary.

My breath catches in my throat, barely managing to stammer out the words to look up! look up!

And they’re looking at the sky expecting an airplane or a bird or whoknowswhat but it’s right there, right above their little frames, right over their ordinary.

Heaven come down.


I had been reading it for days, over and over and always pausing when my fingers traced their way to verse eight. It’s right after He tells us that we rejoice in our suffering because in our sufferings our faith is proved genuine, resulting in glory and praise to God. And then without any transitions or pauses Peter writes:

Though you have not seen him, you love him; and even though you do not see him now, you believe in him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy. 1 Peter 1:8

Oh, how I love Him. And oh, how I pray to love Him more. I read Peter’s words and find my soul nodding along inside, hand in the air saying “me, yes me! Oh, I haven’t seen Him but I love Him all the same!”

And isn’t it funny that in the middle of an ordinary Friday He steps right in and says “Here love, see a little piece of Me.”

There was nothing to do but dance – and oh, we danced. Around the pool and the patio table, clapping our hands, happily saying “thank you Jesus!” while squealing and shouting.

We acted like total fools and it was the only logical reaction.

Never in my life have I seen something so personal and sweet and absolutely on-our-level straight from Him. The boys were looking up and up higher but it was right there, right where they already were – they just had to open their eyes.

That’s the key. We have to open our eyes to Heaven come down, a second re-opening daily after you wake in the morning, so that we won’t miss the rainbow.

And then we’ll dance with glorious joy.

It’s the only logical reaction.

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