One last time we gather together for  There have been days I didn’t think it would happen and listen, it’s currently 11:51 PM so we’re sure cutting it close. But it’s been a thing here, this journeying together every day, looking at what it means for us if every story really does matter. It’s been challenging, encouraging, empowering, and exhausting. (I’m sorry, but just typing that is insane. 31. Thirty one. How did this even happen.) and please feel free to sign up for my emails here. I’ll be sending out my monthly-ish newsletter shortly. For now, one more time together until it boils up in me because hello, “story” my favorite word, join me for Every Story Matters.

I carry your heart with me. I carry it in my heart. e. e. cummings

I carry your heart with me.
I carry it in my heart.
e. e. cummings

We pick things up every day – worries, piles of papers, laundry, anxiety – and we choose to leave others behind.

There is only so much room in your hands and your entire world, worries and all, will not fit. I’ve tried to make it work, tried to cram everything into my schedule, good things even, but I run and run until everything in me is emptied out. We schedule ourselves thin with the best of intentions but we forget to leave room for Jesus.

Don’t hear me saying you should pencil Him in or add “quiet time” to your To Do list just so you can check it off. I’m simply suggesting that we leave room.

We can only carry so much but He can carry it all.

You could carry your frustrations or worries about the unknown or you can choose to be still and be known. You could run yourself ragged until your soul is weary or you can choose to slow down and take the time to listen to listen instead of listening to respond.

When you release things from your hands you make space in your heart for people. And then they are the ones you carry.

When you wake and prepare for the day, as you move and work and play, as you quiet down or move along. When everything is changing and when things stay the same. When all you have is a phone because distance is real. When you have to say goodbye. When you dream big dreams.

We carry with us their stories, their hopes and worries and fears, their dreams.

Always, you carry them with you because you carry them in your heart.

We leave behind hands full of things so that we can carry hearts full of people.



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