I don’t know your story.

I’m not sure where you come from or what roads you’ve walked. You could have brown hair and blue eyes or red hair and green eyes, for all I know. Maybe I’ve stood behind you in line for coffee or perhaps we’ll never step foot in the same state at the same time.

I don’t know you. Not really, anyway. Oh, I believe online friends are the real deal and I am as certain as can be that He can use this big ‘ol Internet for good. But here I am, sitting at a desk on the second floor of the library with my earbuds in, realizing that I’m staring at a computer screen and talking about telling your story.

So. What exactly does that look like? What will these 31 days looks like?

To be honest, I’m not really sure. In order to talk about why we’ve got to tell our story, we first have to believe we have a story to tell. And then we need to believe it’s worth telling. We’ll tackle each of these by the end of October – with some printables and light-hearted things in-between. But from here on out, we’re gonna just jump in head first together.

Every story matters.

Your mistakes do not determine the ending of your story.

What you’ve done — or not done — may impact your story but it does not decide every chapter to come.

Let’s not focus on Happily Ever After. Let’s live in the right now, real nitty-gritty of life. And then let’s look around and realize the story isn’t over.

He isn’t done writing the story of your life.

No matter what the last chapter said, tomorrow is a new page. It isn’t too late to begin again and it isn’t too late to start fresh. But friend, I’ve just got to tell you – God turns tests into testimonies and messes into messages. Sometimes He does the impossible and sometimes we wake up to another ordinary Thursday morning, but you best believe God is at work.

God turns tests into testimonies and messes into messages. Kaitlyn Bouchillon

In the muck and mire, He sinks His hands in deep. He isn’t afraid of your mess. And we could move on to hopes and dreams of what we want the next page to be, but we just can’t miss it:

God isn’t afraid of your mess and He loves you right in the middle of it.

The next page doesn’t worry Him. He knows what it says and He’s got it all under control. The same hand writing your story is the one that will never let you go. He’s got you in His grasp and there’s no safer place to be.

So on the hard days, the bad days, the no-one-could-love-me days and the if-only-you-knew days . . . He knows it all and He loves you still.

He isn’t going anywhere and that story of yours? It’s gonna be a best seller.



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