Opening the Word and soaking in it, letting it soak in, has always been hard for me. I’ve been in countless bible studies and have led a few too, but daily opening the pages and reading for more than just a checked off item on a to-do list has been a struggle for years.

There are countless apps and reading programs, One Year Study Bibles, devotionals out the wazoo, accountability programs, and the list goes on.

But nothing compares to flipping through those crinkly, thin pages and letting Him do His thing. Can He use the programs and the apps and the study plans? Absolutely. I’m about to tell you about one of them, in fact. But I first want to preface it by saying nothing compares to His Word. We cannot add to it and we cannot forget that the only reason every story matters is because The Story is true.

I’ve tried several devotionals. I’ve struggled through some, quit halfway through a few others, and still have a couple piled on my makeshift nightstand. But there’s one daily devotional that has been landing in my inbox for the past month and I can’t wait any longer to tell you about it!

Why I Love She Reads Truth

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Every 1-3 weeks She Reads Truth begins a new study, and every morning the reading for the day slips into my inbox, ready to be read whenever I have a moment. They have a beautiful app {so I’ve heard} but for me, the email system works best. It’s too easy for me to forget to click into an app but an email is hard for me to ignore.

The plans are short and so are the daily readings, but the words are rich and thoughtful. Study packs are optional and provide supplementary resources for the reading plans. They’re each full of beautiful prints and tools, but every study is great whether you have a study pack or not. The She Reads Truth site says:

Our hope for She Reads Truth is simply to encourage women to read God’s word.

That’s what they do. Whether I read in the morning before my day begins, during a hurried lunch or late at night after I crawl into bed, the words She Reads Truth writes about *the* Word are beautiful and meet me right where I am.

You’ve probably heard of SRT before. I mean really, you probably are already signed up for the emails and have downloaded the app. I like to stay a good 6 months behind the times.

But just in case you’ve missed it or have been a little unsure if this would be just another devotional or study that you begin and quit after a few days — give it a try.

The current study through 1 & 2 Peter is coming to a close soon but the new study on hospitality will begin on October 27th.

I woud urge you to sign up today because the reading happened to be all about story.

The Gospel is not just “some story” or “a story” or even an “interesting story.” It is The Story.





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