Every Friday the prompt goes up and #fmfparty slows down. We breathe out our hearts, sharing the hurts and the joys and splitting hearts and words wide open. Come join us? During the month of October, I’ll be doing my darn best to fit the FMF prompt (today’s is DARE) with 

In the middle of your mess, He is writing your message. // free printable

“I dare you…” You could count on one hand how many times I heard those words directed toward me when we played Truth or Dare.

I picked truth almost every time. I didn’t want to do a headstand (I can’t) or sing a song (you’re welcome, general public). There are those who pick dare for the adventure and thrill of the unknown. But not I. No sir, I’d rather answer a tough question because somehow that feels safer.

I’d rather risk being known than risk failing.

But times have changed and I have changed and I think, really, story has changed me. Because we have to risk to tell and somehow when we share our stories and dare to believe they’re worth telling, we flip both sides of the coin over and say we’ll pick both truth and dare.

Truth. We share the mess of ourselves, the mess we’ve made and the mess that’s made us. We peel back a layer or two, perhaps even more, and expose ourselves vulnerable and honest, open and maybe a little unsure, but certain of Who has turned our mess into our message. We speak truth boldly. We stand firm. We declare His glory.

And we do it by daring to tell our story.

So what will it be when you wake up tomorrow? What will you pick when you’re invited to grab coffee? It’s possible to tell a lot of truth without ever talking about the Truth. Let’s take the story dare instead. I’ll join you, hand in hand, story tied to story.

I dare you…



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