We’re going back. In less than six hours I’ll be in a car headed to the airport. Two flights later my feet will touch Haiti soil and oh man, I can’t wait to see that blue sky again.


It’s hard to believe just over a year ago I held up a piece of paper with a map of Haiti and chose to go knowing nearly nothing at all. It was scary and more than a bit nerve-wracking, but it was so very good, too.

It’s funny to look back at those words now. They came true, but not necessarily in the way I imagined. (Isn’t that how it always works?)

I know He has something there for me and I truly can’t wait to hop on a plane and get there, to serve and be His hands and feet.


There are so many unknowns, and typically that would scare me big time. I may not know where the finances will come from and I don’t know what God has for me in Haiti, but I feel a peace about going and I know He has something in store. He keeps reminding me that I simply need to show up and He will show off.


I choose to go. I choose to love and risk and stay open when closing up would be easier. I choose to be me with a group of strangers and to be all there, present in the present.


I choose to follow. I choose to take the next step blindly and to simply wait for the next moment He tells me to move. I choose to obey.


I choose to listen. I choose to wait patiently and excitedly. I choose to believe He knows what is best and holds every unanswered question or unthought of detail in His very capable hands.


I choose to go. I choose to be used. I choose to invite you along. I choose the One who saw Haiti in my future way back on a cold Fall night in a packed worship service when all I could think about was my to-do list. I choose Him who saw that same girl throwing the to-do list away and jumping at the chance to simply go and serve.


I choose to fly.

My heart is so expectant and excited to join in what God is already doing there!

God won’t show up in Haiti when we step off the plane.

God is already there, working and moving. We’re simply going to join Him.

My body is tired from a busy school schedule, my mind is weary from running non-stop doing homework, but my heart? It is SO. EXCITED.


Would you be willing to pray for my team as we join God and serve Haiti this next week? We are driving to Atlanta and then flying to Miami Thursday, March 12 and returning to the U.S. the following Thursday. We’ll spend time hosting a medical clinic, building relationships with the people of Boukeron, helping with Sunday School, building cisterns for the village of Boukeron, and of course playing with the children.

If you feel led, please be praying for these specific things:

  • Safe travel and an easy time going through customs
  • The medical clinic
  • A close-knit team – there are 19 people going!
  • For God’s love in us to speak loudly through the language barrier
  • That we would be an encouragement to the missionary family that we will be staying with
  • Good health for each member of our team – we will be taking malaria medication while there
  • Traveling mercies while there – the ride into Boukeron takes about 2 hours and is incredibly bumpy (combined with medication, it’s an interesting ride :))
  • God’s peace to continue covering us as we step into a lot of unknowns about this trip, trusting that He’s called us to Haiti but not knowing precisely why
  • The stories of the people we meet while we are there, that we would be an encouragement and lift them up
  • Out of darkness, light… that is my hope for this trip. Haiti is beautiful and has my heart, but can I just tell you that darkness is a real thing and there’s a lot of it there? Please pray for Light to break through


One last thing: My sweet friend Rebekah has once again set up #192HoursOfPrayer with the hope of covering my team in prayer the entire time we are gone. If you feel led, please consider signing up for an hour on the spreadsheet. Know that it is not so much about the time but simply that someone is lifting us up and battling the darkness on our behalf. I can not even begin to tell you how monumental this was for us last year!

I am confident that while we may not see the outcome of our prayers, prayer keeps things from us and gives things to us that otherwise would not be.

You can put your name down for one hour, share a time block with someone else, etc. Whatever you feel led to do. And please know that prayer is in no way limited to a time or schedule. Each prayer is so appreciated!


Below you’ll find links to five of my favorite stories from my time there last year.

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