I have some things to say.

But first, let me share Lucy’s words. Or, well, a quote that Lucy sent my way:

Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday, and all is well.

We aren’t sure who said it but after receiving The Table in her inbox a month ago, she wrote me back and included those words. We were both facing some big decisions and big changes and hoping for big peace and big answers. That one sentence, though. It realigns the view and shifts our focus back to where it belongs.

Fix your eyes.

The Lord Will Provide

This week has not been pleasant. I more than alluded to that a few days ago. And you read. And you cared. And several of you reached out via the comment space, text message, or phone call. And it’s got me thinking lots of thoughts.

First, can we just establish that this is a place where we all come real and true and fully ourselves? That this space is a welcome mat, a comfy seat, a good conversation over an iced vanilla latte? Now, I know… you may not be there just yet. We’ve all got battles we’re fighting and roads we’re walking. But my hope and prayer is that in this space, each of you will find that you are welcome as you are. Right where you are.

This means we’ve got to be real. To be honest (while being kind). To sometimes risk raw and be vulnerable because the truth is better than any lie and can we all agree that the Truth always wins? Light overcomes the dark every single time. But we can’t just ignore the dark or push it aside. We’ve got to illuminate it.

So let’s revisit Thursday. Because you deserve more than five minutes and I thankfully have more than five minutes to give this afternoon. (Thank you Lord for Sabbath.) One of the greatest challenges of Five Minute Friday is that we only get five minutes. So much of the challenge comes from receiving one word, setting the timer, and just seeing what comes out in those few minutes. For me personally, the challenge isn’t so much writing on a word (I can say a lot of things about just about anything – clearly). The challenge for me is found in the editing and the posting. Or, to be more exact, the lack of editing before posting.

It wasn’t pretty. It didn’t make sense. It left a lot out and didn’t include much encouragement. And I knew it, all of it, but I posted the words anyway. Because that’s how it works and also – that’s how life is sometimes. Not pretty, not making sense, with a lot of unknowns. That’s where I’ve been.

tomorrow holds

Today is yesterday’s tomorrow and I’m still there, still right in that place.

But today is yesterday’s tomorrow and all is well.

The contradiction isn’t lost on me. I know I’m not offering any answers or much by way of explanation, but here are some things I’d like to say that didn’t fit into five minutes on Thursday:

1. Life can be confusing, doors can be shutting, relationships can be ending, and the dark can seem greater than the light.

2. God is greater.

God is good and He is greater and brighter and stronger.


That’s it.

Except not because I’m me and I use lots of words.

After writing for five minutes I hesitated to hit publish without pretty-fying or just cutting out entire chunks. I don’t know everyone who reads along here, but I knew several people by name and I didn’t want to cause worry. But more than that, I didn’t want to be fake. So it went up, as is. And it’s staying because this is not a perfect place and we are not perfect people.

I am messed up.

We all are.

And we’re gonna be just fine and He is gonna blow our minds but maybe let’s all just travel it together, hold hands and rub backs and send encouragement when the night is long, promising to be for one another.

Let’s be real about the dark and then let’s talk about how He has overcome it.

Out of darkness, light. He shines. And so we fix our eyes not on the dark that is around us (but YES, we talk about it and we share it and we carry it for one another). We fix our eyes on what lies before us. Even when we don’t know what exactly that is, we know that when tomorrow comes He will already be there. And then we fix our eyes on Him.

Let’s take the masks off; they only distract us from the view. And He’s beautiful. Even when today isn’t bright and shiny.

He didn’t promise us bright and shiny but He will provide. Always. I’m leaning into that as the new week begins because we can trust Him. He is good. Safe? Nah. But so very good.

Thank you for being here, people. I like you a lot. If you’d like, grab that white and black print up above and download it for yourself. For free. Because happy new week.