The words here are not my own. Oh sure, my name is up there at the top, but I don’t actually write here. I just type what He says. Don’t believe me? In the past two months He’s tapped on my shoulder over and over until I finally wrote about when your story holds a hard chapter, my wounds from the Church, and what it’s like when life doesn’t look like what you imagined.

Trust me, I would not have chosen those blog topics. (Thanks, God. You da real MVP.)

But there’s this really weird thing that happened. The words that were so hard to write, the ones that I read and re-read and prayed over and slept on – the ones He wouldn’t let me let go of – are the same words that are building bridges.

Building bridges instead of walls is risky, but it is worth it.

It’s one million times harder.

It’s risky and vulnerable and sometimes I plain don’t like it. But maybe we all just need to go there and go there together. Maybe the freed people need to shout about freedom and the truth that out of darkness comes light. Maybe we need to talk about the messy because so often our message is written smack in the middle of the mess.

Because that’s where we sit down and Jesus shows off.

It’s my soap box here – every story matters. So I’m going to remind you – and remind myself – again tonight that freed people free people. Your story holds more weight than you can imagine.

The power of Jesus in your story could set someone free.

You can keep it in and keep it quiet, shut your mouth, lock your jaw, throw away the key.

You can turn the page or set the stage and it’s all up to you. Only you can decide, only you can tell it, you’re the only chance we’ve ever got at hearing the story.

Because it’s your story. And it is for freedom that we have been set free but honestly sometimes I live locked up.

I’d rather live in the freedom that He died to give me. And I’d rather write about the darkness – even when it’s hard to tell – because it only makes the Light shine so much brighter.

Jesus in our stories could set someone free.

Which means we should probably tell our stories.

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