He's weaving pieces together that will tell of His faithfulness when generations to come read the pages of your life. He isn't done writing.

51 weeks ago I told you that your words matter. Actually, I kind of say that a lot.

But the prompt was “tell” and so I told you how your story matters, how your words hold weight, and all the while I was just a few days away from entering my final year of college.

That felt really heavy. It was a year that would hold a lot of memories, beginning and ending several stories.

But I couldn’t shake it. What kind of story would I tell with that final year? What would the story of those days be? And what, if anything, would I be remembered for?

In just one short week several of my dearest friends will enter into their final stretch of college. The place where I stood is now the ground where they stand. It’s their turn to tell their story, to leave a mark, to make a difference in the ordinary daily.

51 weeks later and I’ve got a different story to tell with my days. It’s one of the in between, one of the not-what-I-expected. But it’s mine. It’s mine to tell. And because He has given me these chapters to live, because He has authored these pages, I will tell them.

Because every story matters.

That means yours does, too. What will you tell with your today? What story will your tomorrow tell? He’s the One writing, but He asks you to do the telling.

And one day, you’ll look back on the regular pages, the ordinary daily of a Tuesday afternoon or a Thursday dinner, and you’ll see so much more than just a moment in time. You’ll see that He was weaving a story of His faithfulness all the way through.


There are 17 of us sitting in a big room, typing away on computers somewhere in the hills of Tennessee. Five Minute Friday stepped out of a computer screen and into real life tonight.

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