Adele and I, we’re over here calling for your help.

Can you hear us?

I don’t know where she is, but I’m in Alabama dreaming of a book launch.


Remember that time I told you I wrote a book? And then I invited you to join the launch team?

Remember how I also said I was going to go crawl in a corner and get very, very quiet because 2.5 months of writing tens of thousands of words can make you a bit tired of yourself?


The quiet has been good and will likely continue just a little bit longer, but the form for the Even If Not book launch team closes Sunday the 15th at midnight, so hurry hurry and add yourself to the team!

There will be free things for you and I’ve already started recording videos to share with the launch team, confirming once and for all that I am an awkward person.

In case you couldn’t already tell. Am I smiling? Am I not? The world may never know.

Even If Not book

Okay. The end.

Hello and goodbye, peace and blessings, be back soon.

Add Even If Not to your GoodReads list!

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