Chances are real good that you’ve never even heard her name. Maybe, just possibly, you’ve read her story. She only got a handful of verses but there’s this girl named Huldah who changed Christianity as we know it today.

This past spring I spent two solid months of my life researching and reading about her. Hours upon hours were spent trying to piece together her life so that I could write a paper about her impact and legacy. We don’t know too much, but we do know that this eighteen-year-old girl was known for her relationship with God, her faithfulness in the place she served, and her reliable and trustworthy character.

What it looks like to live a small, ordinary life and let God be the one who is big

Last night I was given the opportunity and the privilege to share what I know about Huldah with my women’s bible study. Here are some things you should know about this:

1. Writing comes naturally to me. Speaking, not so much.

The end. Except not really, because I could tell you that I’ve never taught before and that I’m the youngest person at bible study every week. I could truthfully say that these women have much more wisdom than I do and also, I hadn’t thought too much about Huldah since, oh, the day I turned in the paper and rejoiced that I was going to actually, you know, graduate.

But I was asked to share and I said yes and really, it was a gift to me to comb back through months of research. She isn’t well-known and her life appears small, summed up in just a few verses, but God used her smallness to rewrite the story we know today.

I still wrestle to see it this way, that small is a present, not a punishment, and so I’m grateful for an example of what it means to live your regular, ordinary life and let God be the One who is big. It looks a lot like being faithful to what He has called you to and walking right where He leads. It looks like teaching when given the opportunity, but doing a whole lot of ordinary living in between. It looks like being known for your relationship with your Creator.

So I prepared and researched and prayed and trusted. And then I showed up.

It wasn’t perfect.

I didn’t have all the answers.

But I said that thing Glennon Melton says, the saying I can’t get out of my mind: Alright, God. I showed up. Your turn.

And He did. He always does.

He’s writing the story and we’ll find Him there on every page, even in the seasons and the moments we could have sworn He had walked away. He is an always God. Always for us, always with us, Emmanuel come down and coming back again to bring us home.

So say yes. Be faithful in the spring season when you’ve got your plow to the ground and you’re doing your best just to make it through the day. Study and work and make lists, write papers and blog posts and just do the next best thing. But don’t be surprised when fall turns to winter and He asks you to share what you’ve learned. And then say yes.

And maybe also read a little bit about Huldah because that girl, she was awesome in her small, ordinary and faithful way.

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